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A biomimetic nanoporous carrier directed towards IDH2 PROTEIN

BiovescicleMesoporous nanoparticleMultiple mielomaProteasome inhibitorSynthetic lethality


The present invention deals with a pharmaceutical system comprising at least two inhibitors working in synthetic lethality and carried in a nanoporous carrier which is biomimetic, targeted and non-immunogenic. The present invention find applications in the oncological field.

Technical features

The present invention deals to the field of anticancer therapies and, in particular, to the nanomedicine field. It is related to the use of biomimetic nanoparticles useful to carry at least one drug to obtain a combination therapy in a targeted manner and increase the efficacy of the therapy against tumors. Specifically, the present invention concerns a pharmaceutical system able to administer in a proper manner at least one drug to be used in synthetic lethality against cancer cells of hematological malignancies, i.e. multiple mieloma, mantle cell lymophoma, and diffuse B cell lymphoma. The proposed system is a highly versatile and modular nanotechnological platform, able to improve the biodistribution and bioavailability of drugs, which will be in contrast not useful.

Possible Applications

  • Anticancer therapy;
  • Pharmaceutical studies in vitro and in vivo;
  • Clinical trials;
  • Combination therapy;
  • Chemotherapy.


  • Maximize the efficacy of synthetic lethality with a pharmacological formulation using a nanoporous and biomimetic system;
  • Improve the biodistribution and bioavailability of two inhibitors;
  • Increase the synthetic lethality selectivity using targeted nanoconstructs;
  • Use a multifunctional and modular nanoconstruct.