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4842 genes identify progenies derived from CD56-CD16+PerfnegCD7

CD7CD94/NKG2CHCMVHCMVHSC transplantationPerforinPerforinatrapianto di HSC


The present invention relates to the genetic variation between the progeny CD56-CD16 + PerfnegCD7- from the mature NK CD94/NKG2C + cell population amounts to 4842 genes.

Technical features

The precursor CD56-CD16+PerfnegCD7- has been identified in HIV and HCV patients co-infected with CMV or in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation with Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) reactivation. Unlike classical CD34 + stem cells when cultured in vitro, CD56-CD16+Perf-CD7- cells are rapidly able to give rise to a progeny of NK cells characterised by the expression of the CD94/NKG2C+KIR+CD57+, which have shown cytotoxic activity and IFNg production. Comparing the phenotypic analysis of the NK NKG2C+ progeny with the NK NKG2C+ population derived from peripheral blood, no statistically significant differences are noted even if functionally the progeny obtained in vitro showed an effective anti-HCMV activity. The comparison of the gene expression of the two populations in question showed differences in the expression of 4842 genes.

Possible Applications

  • Development of pharmacological projects;
  • Aimed at controlling HCMV replication in patients undergoing stem cell transplantation;
  • Anti-viral activity;
  • Cytotoxic activity;
  • Immunostimulants;
  • Modulators of IFNg production.


  • Differentiate the mature NKG2C + population from the population differentiated by the CD56-CD16 + PerfnegCD7- progenitor.