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The system is able to find 3D shape deviations, with respect to project specifications, using both Fringe Projection and Temporal Phase Shift techniques. The system can work along mass production line for real-time shape quality checks. It also can be suited to work with objects of every measures.

Technical features

The system uses both Fringe Projection and Temporal Phase Shift techniques to find full field shape deviations on 3D objects as, for example, moulded parts. The system can work with objects of every measures, but it better fits with object measures from 0.5m x 0.5m to 2m x 2m, or even bigger. The system is made of a frame or a cell (1), where the object (3) is laid down over a platform (2). Object is shot by a certain number of cameras (4) and lighted by 4 spotlights (5). The fixed cameras shoot the entire object, minimizing or cancelling dark zones and undercuts, if present. Image acquisition, as well as spotlight pattern generation and data processing is performed by computer (6). An important system feature is the possibility of acquiring and processing up to 10 pieces per minute on the production line.

Possible Applications

  • Optical Measurements;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Small electrical appliances;
  • White Goods;
  • Aerospace;
  • Production line quality check.


  • Real time 3D shape recognition on a mass production line (up to 10 pcs / min);
  • Real time self positioning error correction along production line;
  • Adjustable calibration range.