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3D printing of punches for ceramic tiles

3D printingpunches for ceramic tilesstampa 3Dvat photo-polymerization


The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing, by means of 3D printing and with “VAT photo-polymerization” technologies (Stereolithography, SL, Digital Light Processing, DLP, LCD Stereolithography, SL-LCD), rubber punches to be used for forming or surface patterning of ceramic tiles.

Technical features

The invention relates to the development of formulations of photo-polymerizable liquid resins for the production of punches for forming and surface structuring of ceramic tiles before the firing step. The formulations are suitable for the direct realization of elastomeric punches using 3D printing technologies (aditivitive manufacturing, AM) such as stereolithography SL, digital light processing DLP and stereolithography LCD. The freedom of CAD design allows to obtain a virtually unlimited number of structural structures to be transferred to the “green” tile. Depending on the properties required by the application, the formulations can be optimized in order to obtain specific properties of the 3D punch, such as surface hardness, elasticity, anti-fouling, etc.

Possible Applications

  • Realization by means of 3d printing of punches for forming and surface patterning of ceramic tiles.


  • Freedom of design for surface patterning;
  • Direct realization of punch without post-processing steps;
  • Reduced production time;
  • Possible optimization of physical-mechanical properties of punch.