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Knowledgeshare was created with the initial collaboration of Intesa Sanpaolo, that believed in the project by financing the creation and development of the first version of the site.
Today, change is more than just a challenge or an opportunity; it is a necessary condition for the development of the business environment.
At Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy’s leading banking group, we believe that a proactive approach to change is essential if we want to respond effectively to evolving market demands.
One such demand is for innovation: a cultural paradigm that applies to our bank, our customers, and every component of a national economy, with a view to driving its growth and development.
That is why we have decided to give every Italian business access to all the knowledge and expertise of universities and research centres – the embodiment of excellence and forward-thinking in analysis, discovery and invention.
Our Knowledge Sharing portal acts as a bridge between business and research, forged by inventors and researchers and built on a library of intellectual property. Its stated goal is to become the go-to destination for anyone seeking or offering innovation.