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University of Pavia frontline against Covid-19

The Università di Pavia, partners of Netval and strategic contributor to Knowledge Share, was recently awarded the European grant “New research projects on Coronavirus”. Pavia secured 10 million euros funding from the European Commission, for the coordination of the “Periscope” project known also as the “Pan-European Response to the ImpactS of COVID-19 and future Pandemics and Epidemics”.

The objective of the project is ambitious and of considerable importance, given that it involves investigating the behavioural and socio-economic impacts of the current pandemic, to make Europe better prepared for future large-scale outbreaks. Through Periscope, therefore, an intense theoretical and experimental research activity begins, evaluating the main factors of clinical and epidemiological, socio-economic and political, and statistical and technological, characterising the emergency.

The team led by Professor Paolo Giudici shoulders a considerable task: “Studying all the implications of this pandemic and possible future global epidemics”.

Periscope’s ultimate goal is to develop a comprehensive, easy-to-use, freely accessible ‘Atlas of Covid-19’ that would become a reference tool for researchers and decision makers. The preparation of Europe to outdo this pandemic and be prepared to face future health crises, will therefore be shaped also by Pavia’s excellence in cross-cutting issues.



Author: Andrea Visentin 

Translation: Gloria Padmaperuma