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The recipe for growth of Italian BioMed & BioTech in an international setting

Bioeconomy is in perpetual growth and becoming a key aspect following the two major contemporary emergencies of healthcare (Covid, but not only) and environmental security. The BioTech sector, of which the Pharma and medical sector, is in turmoil. In light of this, numerous events have sprung to encourage and R&D partnerships; among these, of course, we highlight Tech Share Day 2020, organized by Netval, UIBM and the Politecnico di Torino.

The large areas of life sciences, in fact, come from years of continuous growth and innovation that is protecting, especially the pharmaceutical industry, from the risks of dwarfism typical of the Italian manufacturing industry. In addition, the entire BioMed sector has shown very high resilience to the impact of Covid-19.

In recent months, Assobiotec Federchimica, the trade Confindustria association (General Confederation of Italian Industry), drafted a document, that will shortly be presented to the Italian Government. This document contains concrete and actionable proposals with regards to the role of life sciences and other parts of the bioeconomy, useful and necessary to boost and restart of the country.

The parties involved, emphasized, amongst other aspects, the need for increased investment in the Pharmaceutical industry with the scope of converting the industrial fabric into BioTech. The suggested method stresses the importance of public and private collaborations, involving also international alliances. Such is the project “Biotech, il futuro migliore – Per la nostra salute, per il nostro ambiente, per l’Italia” which translates to “Biotech, for a better future – for our health, for our environment and for Italy” that sees Assobiotec Federchimica in conjuction with StartupItalia, and the support of a multitude of industrial collaborators, such as AbbVie, Alexion, Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Daiichi Sankyo, Dembiotech, DiaSorin, Genenta, Genextra, MolMed, Novartis, Qiagen, Rottapharm Biotech, Sanofi and UCB Pharma, to name a few, come together for the betterment of our future.

Attracting investments, encouraging basic research, focusing on technological transformation and retaining talents have been pinpointed as the four fundamental pillars to spur development in the BioTech sector, with the end-goal of being the driving force that leads the Italian BioMed & BioTech in the international market.





Author: Andrea Visentin 

Translation: Gloria Padmaperuma