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Knowledge Share is one of 30 case studies featured in “How did COVID-19 shape co-creation.”

Knowledge Share is one of 30 case studies featured in “How did COVID-19 shape co-creation”: the report published by OECD on the crucial role of co-creation during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. Industry, Research, Government and Civil Society cooperated to responsively and prolifically initiate aid to the Innovation and Technology Transfer sector.

To address this necessity, Knowledge Share created a portfolio of technologies directly on the platform, in line with its objectives of promoting the co-creation between public and the private research sector. A mission that is generating a real market of supply and demand in the field of Technology Transfer.

Knowledge Share – born in 2019 from the joint efforts of the Politecnico di Torino, Associazione Netval and UIBM – the Italian Patent Office – whose mission has been provide a meeting point between the world of Research and Investors and creating a real network in which collaborations and entrepreneurial synergies are woven in the field of technology and innovation.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Knowledge Share has been working hard on catalyzing co-creation opportunities in the Tech Transfer sphere during the COVID-19 crisis. It has been two years of stagnation not only for the health sector; it has been a real storm that has revolutionized all organs of society, including our daily lives. 

«Taking part in this OECD initiative really excited us. Especially in such a delicate historical moment, to be able to reason and take action-along with other actors and voices in international Technology Transfer-to counter such a strong crisis was a challenge that we had and wanted as a burden and honor» – comments Shiva Loccisano, Associazione Netval Board member and Tech Transfer Expert«We are really working hard to position Knowledge Share as a unicum: a platform that offers a demand that then generates a supply in the world of innovation. Especially taking into account that the technologies and patents come from public institutional bodies such as universities, IRCCS and ERPs. During the co-creation initiative, we confirmed the need and importance of a tool like Knowledge Share. And we will be really happy to collaborate with a body like OECD again in the future.»

Stakeholders and Technology Transfer Offices of universities, IRCCSs and ERPs alike had to think on how to best allocate their new resources and how to activate sustainment campaigns in a really complex period. Knowledge Share, in its part, wanted to contribute and work to establish synergies that would be long-lasting: that would be born in a fragile context and then protracted over time by being successful and thus giving the business and research worlds the opportunity to create reputations for themselves as individuals but also as partnerships. 

Knowledge Share has confirmed to be the link  needed to connect different parts of the world into one network dedicated to Innovation. 

For more information about the Knowledge Share platform and to request a demo, please write to the KS Team, Federico Novembrini and Gloria Padmaperuma, at info@knowledge-share.eu.

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