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Knowledge Share: How does it work? 

How does it work? 

Access to Knowledge Share is open to Italian and International companies looking for new technologies and research discoveries to be translated into practical applications.

Universities are eligible for a free account, which they can use to manage and promote their patent portfolio to prospective industrial partners. The content uploaded onto the platform is curated and undergoes a stringent review process by the Knowledge Share team, who will ensure patent descriptors follow the “total quality” platform’s communication standards.

Upon subscribing to the platform, users will receive individual logins details, giving them full access to the patent portfolios. Users can then navigate the platform and search for inventions that best meet their interest or need by filtering them according to “Owner” or “Technology Sector”.



A simple yet critical feature of Knowledge Share is that all the technology briefs are written in a clear, easy to understand and free of patent-speak language. This means that technical and non-technical users can very easily sift through the technology portfolios to identify those of interest.

Furthermore, the “marketing annex”, a document that summarises the advantages and possible applications of the patent, provides users with a further overview of the capabilities of the technology. This analysis is critical in helping users identify the ‘extra’ potential of the patent and how this meets with their innovation needs.

Once the user identifies and selects the technology or technologies they are interested in, the platform allows them to download a “summary sheet” and to request to be contacted directly from the related university or research body. The university or research body will directly receive this request through Knowledge Share. The platform guarantees a 100% response rate within a 48-hours timeframe.

To aid the process, a dedicated service team is assigned to facilitate the interaction. The team will follow-up on the request for contact, making sure a dialogue ensues between user and patent owner.

The team also helps guide the conversation to its conclusion; i.e. if the interaction leads to a collaboration between the two parties, licensing, or a partnership to further develop the technology involved.

It’s time for you to Explore KS… 

Innovation is not a journey to be embarked alone, so to get access to the latest technologies and minds, just connect with the world’s greatest sources of knowledge and learning: universities.

If you are interested in the most cutting-edge and innovative discoveries of the Italian IP marketplace, sign-up for an account on Knowledge Share, your one-stop-centre for innovation: https://www.knowledge-share.eu/.




Author: Gloria Padmaperuma