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For Italy, as we have already highlighted in previous articles, the Recovery fund is an opportunity not to be overlooked, in order to have a competitive future in the medium to long term. The goal is therefore, to invest the monies arriving from Brussels to transform the economic development model according to the principles of digitization, environmental, and social-economic sustainability. The big question that comes to mind How best to proceed, without taking the wrong path?

Our suggestion is to start from school and education, strengthen basic research, feed spin-offs and new businesses, focus on applied research to transfer technology, create jobs and progress. Like in a battery, where the elements need one-another to trigger a chemical reaction to generate power; in Italy there are several elements, which must coexist and positively coerced one another, to generate an effect. Amongst these, the main ingredient, the pivot on which to focus on, is undoubtedly the human capital.

Human capital is in fact probably the most precious asset that a country like Italy disposes of. Yet, as with all raw materials, if not processed, treated, managed, transformed, nurtured and enriched, the value is much lower than the ideal potential that can be expressed.

Bringing companies and universities to dialogue and spreading the technological culture is therefore, the greatest challenge that the innovation ecosystem must address, starting from the cultivation of transversal skills, soft skills, providing permanent education (long life learning) for those who work. A path that is not simple, but decisive to stimulate innovation and make progress in the whole world of Tech Transfer in Italy.