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At the Castello del Valentino it was signed today the Memorandum of Understanding between the project partners Broad P.I.T.T. 2, which is presented in an updated version and even more exciting, after the success of the first edition last year, even experimental.
The idea is the will to disseminate information to a broader base of SMEs (hence Broad, “large” and P.I.T.T., “Piccola Impresa Trasferimento Tecnologico”) the knowledge and technology transfer skills “). With the qualified contribution of the Politecnico di Torino, Intesa Sanpaolo and Deloitte, SMEs have the opportunity to learn how to introduce and manage innovation within their business processes. Among the novelties of this edition is the presence of the Università di Torino that will follow the work on a project.

Piccolindustria has always consistently supported SMEs to help them grow, because the entrepreneur can relate and interact in a useful and constructive dialogue with the world of research and that of finance. In this way Broad PITT acquires greater importance day by day: the markets will reward those companies able to bring innovation in their processes and in their products, and technology transfer system provides what the area offers about innovation“, says Giovanni Fracasso Deputy Chairman of Piccolindustria. The goal of this edition is to improve and implement the model in order to spread it in an even more extensive, involving local institutions through targeted media.

Stefano Serra, Vice President of Piccolindustria delegate on the project said: “This second edition is to engineer an innovative approach that we have seen work on SMEs; Now we want to test the scalability of the method so that it can be extended to an increasing number of companies. Entrepreneurs always prove to have genius and vision for the development of their products. It ‘s time to support them with a coaching program that helps concretely SMEs to be successful in international markets with the help of the excellence of the territory“.

During the first event of Broad P.I.T.T. of 2015, the company CASIT lent to test the system; in that case, innovation promoted involved all business areas, particularly design, technology, management, financial planning and a more thorough understanding of target markets. This new approach has allowed the transformation of less structured innovation processes in an organized plan that is currently leading the company towards new results. In this edition of Broad P.I.T.T. 2 will participate in ten selected companies of various sectors, who have decided to activate new innovation projects through this experimental methodology. Are companies which, despite being very different, they share the strong will and the right vision of innovation. The companies will work with a team of innovation specialists and technology transfer, expert tutors who, working in the network, will offer advice and constant support needed for the transformation of an innovative idea in expendable products in markets, often new, or about editing business process in order to make them more efficient.

The Politecnico is the project partner since its first edition. The Vice Rector for Technology Transfer Emilio Paolucci explains the role of the University: “With this initiative, the Polytechnic continues its choice of making available to local businesses the skills of its researchers in order to provide qualified support for the innovation of their processes and products. The answer to the demands of competitiveness in the marketplace today requires an increasing ability to share search results and competences. In this sense, the initiative Broad P.I.T.T. represents a new way of technology transfer aimed at making patents, PhD with a high level of specialization and other forms of knowledge readily available“.

Cristina Balbo, Regional Director of Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Liguria Intesa Sanpaolo says: “The active participation of the Bank in this project since its inception, is the meaning of our daily commitment to innovation. With this further development, we are pleased to make known to a wider number of companies the positive experience gained with Casit. Our Group has the skills to provide excellent consulting services firms, intended to bring out the needs of innovation, research and development and also identify the best competitive positioning of products. We are able to produce views on specific trends and enable surveys to test the actual interest in products and services, creating synergies in terms of business and fostering a network among businesses and markets, including international ones. The goal is to transfer knowledge, facilitate direct relationships, enhance competitiveness, to the benefit of individual companies and the entire economic and social fabric. 

Beppe Pedone, Partner Deloitte, said: “The support of the business fabric in order to ensure competitiveness and development has always been one of the objectives that characterize our work. For Deloitte, support the second edition of the project Broad PITT means continuing a path of excellence that aims to concretely enhance and through targeted actions local companies “.

The Vice-Rector for Research of the Università di Torino Prof. Silvio Aime, says his university “wants to be more and more part of the engine of development of the territory and therefore has enabled instruments such as Office for University and Enterprise (SUI) – service to enhance the encounter between the demand for research / innovation of enterprises and the offer of expertise in the departments, and has joined with great interest at the Broad PITT project, which is fully part of the strategic aims of the University in the development of University relations and enterprises.”

The ten companies selected are:

Farmaceutici Procemsa – chemical company that operates in the field of food supplements. (The only one with the technological contribution of the University of Turin).

Lanzi – a company specialized in the production of personal protective equipment, workwear and vending machine systems.

Offmar – metalworking manufacturer of machinery for packaging.

Picco & Martini – producer of glass and specialized in safety glass (fireproof).

Prisma Impianti – company of design and installation of automation systems for the process industry service

Rescom – production enterprise and implementation of innovative chemical products

Risatti Instruments – engineering industry specialized in the design and manufacturing of measuring and test equipment for the automotive industry

SBE Plast – manufacturer of plastics for extrusion

Tekno – mechanical engineering specialized in automotive components

Tekspan – Company plastics specialized in the production of materials for Aerospace.