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Knowledge Share will participate at the Biennale Tecnologia 2022 at Politecnico di Torino this 11th November

“For whom and for what is university research for?” – Our talk will take you on a journey into technology transfer and university research: what is Tech Transfer? How is university research  a constant in our daily lives and habits?

The event – organised by Netval in collaboration with MISE-UIBM and Politecnico di Torino –  will be a journey together with the players in this supply chain to relive their experiences first-hand, retracing the footsteps of how an idea, which originates in research labs, can be developed and concretised until it reaches the market. There will be: Gioacchino Cagnazzi, E-Vartech | Elkos Srl, Federico Pedemonte – Research Contracts and Licensing Office Speicialist at the Technology Transfer Office of the Italian Institute of Technology and Daniele Conti – SynDiag Founder and CEO, PhD. The talk is introduced and moderated by Shiva Loccisano, Senior Project Coordinator at Netval.

How far can an idea generated in a university lab enter people’s everyday life? It is well known that the research ecosystem plays a crucial role in the innovation process; however, it is often not so easy to recognise its real impact in everyday life. It will be a real surprise to discover how many everyday objects stem from patent research! 

In the wake of the Biennale Tecnologia Biennial’s investigation of the binomial Technology and Humanity – Technology is Humanity, the focus of the talk is to raise awareness of how much we interface every day with objects and technologies born in research laboratories without almost realising it.


“A chi e a cosa serve la ricerca universitaria?” – “For whom and for what is university research for?”

 11 November 2022 – 10:30 AM @ Incubatore I3P, corso Castelfidardo 30/a Turin 

Language talk: Italian | Free entry with previous subscription: Biennale Tecnologia 2022 – idloom-events