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Italian Tech Week an expo of more than 100 technologies from Italian public universities and research centers

Information about event

The 2019 edition of Teschshare Day will be the first of the events of Italian Tech Week (ITW), to be held in Turin from 25 to 28 June.

ITW will involve Italian and European players from the world of technology, culture and innovation. For a week a full calendar of initiatives will propose more than 15 events spread throughout the city, including conferences and seminars for students and professionals, fund raising opportunities for start-ups, exhibition of state-of-the-art technologies, public debates and B2B meetings with the world’s tech entrepreneurship players.

The organizing committee of ITW includes: CCIAA of Turin, the Investors Club, OGR, School of entrepreneurship and Innovation (SEI), Compagnia di Sanpaolo, Torino Social Impact, Univeristy of Turin and Polytechnic of Turin.

The event sees the collaboration of the Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) at MISE (Ministry for Economic Development).

Techshare Day (TSD)

It is meant to present to companies and investors the inventions and the prototypes developed within the University, the TSD wants to give visibility to technology transfer activities. On the occasion of ITW, the fourth edition of TSD changes format, with the collaboration between Polytechnic of Turin and University of Turin, and the presence of more than a hundred inventors from universities and research centres all over Italy, offering a selection of technological excellence made in Italy.

The day will include a B2B event and a CORPORATE one, which will take place simultaneously at the Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Turin.


Schedule of event

B2B Event  (9:30 – 18:00)

During the whole day, inventors will be exhibiting their technologies and confronting companies and investors directly to discuss the advantages and applications of their inventions. For visitors is an opportunity to discover new technologies for their products, get a patent license of their interest, get in touch with research teams and interact with inventors to develop commercial applications.

The TSD will be located between the two universities in Turin, according to the membership sectors identified on the platform www.knowledge-share.eu there will be about 120 technologies in total exposed in the Polytechnic of Turin and in the University of Turin.

All the Italian universities and research centres are invited to apply for their technologies as indicated in Annex “Participation Techshare Day 2019”.


CORPORATE event  (15:00 –18:00)

Parallel to the B2B part there will be a focus dedicated to the Corporate world, with large industrial groups that will tell the respective experiences on the field of Open Innovation, presenting how this model has been adopted and integrated into their industrial strategies and illustrating the success stories that have resulted from it.



Location of event