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Area di Applicazione: Energy and Renewables

Production of zeolite based silicone foams to obtain a composite adsorbent material to be used for adsorbent heat pumps (AHP).

thermodynamic solar parabolic collector system utilizing atmospheric air as an heat transfer fluid for the production of electric energy.

Production process of AlFe2B2 compound using microwave with selective heating, resulting in higher product yield.

Device which, thanks to its design of the evacuation of thermal power, ensures high levels of safety and reliability both during operation and during maintenance.

Invention which allows to obtain the estimated state of charge of lithium batteries in an accurate way reducing its computational cost.

Yeast strains capable of producing up to 50 g / l ethyl alcohol with great efficiency starting from substrates rich in starch.

Modular process for the conversion of biogas in high-value chemicals that allows to produce different chemicals just changing the synthesis section.