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Knowledge Share is a joint project involving Politecnico di Torino, Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) at MISE (Ministry for Economic Development) and Netval. It wants to be the meeting point for Italian companies with the expertise developed by the italian universities and Research Centers, which can become practical applications. It is a portal created to make available, in a clear and understandable way, information related to patents and technologies that represent the excellence of the scientific know-how of the Italian Universities and Research Centers, in order to share the news and information about the Universities’ third mission, the technology transfer, and to bring together research groups and companies to enhance the results. Access is open to Italian and foreign SMEs and takes place after registration. With the login, they have access to the patents and technologies’ information and can contact the Universities owner of those patents. Furthermore they could receive a newsletter and be approached by the Universities in order to put forward possible partnerships.

To disseminate and to promote the Technology Transfer culture in Italy are the reasons that led to the creation of Netval in 2002, and that year after year continue to gather together the expertise and excellence of the various Universities and Public Research Centers TTOs.
The need to connect to the economic and entrepreneurial world the remarkable quality and quantity of research results requires the constant development of up to date tools and processes, among them the Knowledgeshare platform is a highly original and innovative element in the national and international scene. Netval adheres with conviction because it is a project in line with its mission of sharing knowledge, thanks to which it is possible to create real positive impact on society, through the increase of the innovation capacity and the competitiveness of businesses in which the research occurs.
Being able to create a “critical mass” of patents is, in this sense, an excellent opportunity to exponentially increase the sharing and dissemination of knowledge and skills, and make them easily accessible.

Politecnico di Torino

Thanks to a centuries-old tradition, the Politecnico di Torino is among the most active and skilled players in scientific and technological training and research, in Italy and abroad. Aware of the fact that such a wealth of knowledge remains sterile, if confined within classrooms and laboratories, the Politecnico is committed to promoting technology transfer practices to various levels, with the aim of spreading new social and industrial practices based on its research results and inspired by innovation: the so-called “Third Mission” of the university, intended as a contribution to the progress and development of society through the sharing of knowledge. The structure of the Politecnico involved in this process of knowledge valorization and promotion of its results is the Technological Transfer and Industry Relations Area (TRIN), within which the Interdepartmental Laboratory for Technology Transfer (LabTT) team was set up. Together they develop and support the entire path that from the research leads to industrial applications, coordinating both the scientific and the administrative and promotional activities, intended not only as the dissemination of the scientific and entrepreneurial culture, but also as an extension of the collaboration with private companies and public bodies. The intervention areas range from supporting the creation of spin-off companies (about 50 until now), advice on intellectual property, patents, licensing, the management of its patent portfolio (nearly 270), organizing events to support student entrepreneurship, to the initiation of regional, national and European projects.